Behaviour Management

REFENS and our Teacher do not accept the use of physical punishment, verbal or emotional abuse, or any harassment of the children to promote acceptable behaviour.  Children are treated as individuals, each with different personalities, needs and aptitudes.  Behaviour is managed in a caring and accepting environment in which children are encouraged to participate fully in the program and enjoy their experience while learning new developmental skills. Positive behaviour is rewarded through positive reinforcement.  Negative behaviour is discouraged through negative re-enforcement (i.e. discussion with the child, temporary withdrawal of some privileges, calming the child through discussion in a quieter area of the room) and finally, any behaviour problems of a more serious nature are discussed with the parents so that a mutual and consistent approach can be worked out. Children are encouraged to behave in an acceptable manner in order to develop both individual skills and positive peer relationships, but not in a way that promotes regimentation or stifles individuality. All behaviour strategies used are based on the child’s developmental capabilities.

If a child must be disciplined in class he/she will be spoken to and the teacher will notify the parent that same day.  If the problem persists the teacher will seek parental assistance to overcome the problem.  If, however, the child continues on a regular basis to disrupt the class, the Board of Directors may ask for the removal of the child from the program.

Any incident that occurs in the classroom or outside of the class, (e.g. to or from the washroom, playground, etc.) not witnessed by the teacher, MUST be reported by the parent helper to the teacher.  This ideally should be reported at the site of incident whenever possible, or as soon as the parent helper returns to class.

All of the following situations must be reported to the teacher (regardless of whether the child seems “fine” or not):

  • Any type of accident
    • falling anywhere in the school, playground, gym or on school outings.
    • bumps, scratches (no matter how minor they seem)
    • wetting of clothing either due to accident or spills.
  • Complaints made by child
    • stomach aches, headaches, feeling hot or cold, not feeling well.
    • Emotional upsets.
    • crying, tantrums, aggressiveness, running away, etc.

If the teacher is not present and the helper feels that disciplinary action is necessary, let it be known that REFENS does not condone ANY TYPE OF PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL PUNISHMENT. All disciplinary measures must be positively reinforced and reported to the teacher IMMEDIATELY so that the parents can be informed at the completion of class.

Class Hours

  • 3 Year Old Tue/Thur
    Mornings - 9:15-11:35
    Afternoons - 1:00-3:20
  • 4 Year Old Mon/Wed/Fri
    Mornings - 9:15-11:35
    Afternoons - 1:00-3:20

Located in Transcona 

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