Our Teacher

Michelline Lamontagne

REFENS - MichellineBonjour!  I have been lucky enough to be with River East French Exposure Nursery School since September of 1994.  I love coming to our class and watching children enjoy learning, making new friends and having amazing experiences!  Our class is a place where kids learn what it is like to be part of a class.   We learn how to be respectful and kind, how to responsible and creative, how to be helpful and caring all while learning and having fun! 

I have learned over the years that the children will rise to your expectations if you give them the tools and the time they need to succeed.  Each student who comes through our program will enter Kindergarten with the knowledge and the self -confidence they need to succeed in their next adventure.


Class Hours

  • 3 Year Old Tue/Thur
    Mornings - 9:15-11:35
    Afternoons - 1:00-3:20
  • 4 Year Old Mon/Wed/Fri
    Mornings - 9:15-11:35
    Afternoons - 1:00-3:20

Located in Transcona 

  • Joseph Teres School
    Room 104
    131 Sanford Fleming Rd.
    Winnipeg, MB
    R2C 5B8